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Committee Assistance, Internet Retrieval and Organisation

Provides full support to local government
council minute preparation and circulation.


The generation of minutes, agenda, decision notices and reports was complicated enough for the smooth running of council meetings, but now you have to publish all this material on the Internet as well as maintaining security and control.

Members want access to their documentation over the web - they want to work from home - they want documentation sent to them through email.

New council structures and the governments commitment to e-govt means you have a lot more work than before.


CAIRO provides a complete solution to minutes management. Starting from a basic knowledge of your committees CAIRO automates the generation of documentation. It automatically publishes materials to members and the public.

CAIRO provides full document management and free text retrieval

CAIRO gives a fully secure and audited system to safeguard sensitive documents.

CAIRO uses your existing web browser for access - there is no need to install software on users or members PC's.


Members gain immediate access to documentation as soon as it is available.

Member Service officers get a system which manages the paper work for you and minimises your work. No more painful duplication and re-typing of the same old information over and over again.

Automated circulation of documentation via print and email reduces the duplication and posting of documentation, saving both time and money.

Full free text searching means you can find any document at any time.

For the webmaster, CAIRO publishes data directly to your live web site using your templates, no manual intervention is required, saving you hundreds of hours putting new documentation on the web.

For the IT department, CAIRO uses standard web browsers, NO software has to be installed on users or members PC's, reducing complexity and licence costs as well as saving time installing and maintaining software in many different types of computers.


CAIRO (rather tenuously) stands for Committee Assistance Internet Retrieval and Organisation.

CAIRO provides support to Member Services specifically and the council and its members more generally.

It gives the following benefits:

  • Simplifies tasks for Member Services by providing a controlled environment
  • Removes time consuming typing by automatically creating documents
  • Eliminates printing by circulating documents over the Internet
  • Saves lengthy web site editing by publishing documents directly to your public web site.

Central Components

Cairo operates on a shared server running Windows 2000, SQL Server and Internet Information Manager.

Cairo holds data within a database (SQL Server) and as independent document files.

You connect to Cairo from your own PC using Internet Explorer. No special software is required to access Cairo.

Officers working with documents use tools such as Microsoft Word for creating files to be stored in Cairo. Cairo can support all types of files, including scans, graphics and web pages.

Documents, Committees and Members

Cairo saves you time by taking documents, committees and members and joining them together in different ways - re-using the same information to create different "views".

For example: You can view a calendar of all the committees and when their meetings are. From this calendar, you can view all the details about a meeting, where it is, who attended plus any documents attached to the meeting - like agenda and reports.

Document Library

Cairo runs the equivalent of a document library. You take documents out of the library to work on them and return documents to the library so others can read them.

But this is an automated library! The Cairo library can send documents to users and members for you. Cairo cross-references documents with meetings and committees. Cairo can send changed documents to your public web site.

The library also stores all those little pieces of information, like venue names, officer details and so on, these bits are re-used all the time too.

The library of course allows you to search for information, by committee, by date and with "free text" - that is documents containing specific words.

Web Publishing

Cairo automatically transfers updates from the internal system to the public web site. So any changes to documents, meetings, committees or members are kept up to date on the public web site without intervention.

Cairo will not publish documents which are secret or are not yet ready for publication.

For information like lists of councillors these are all maintained centrally - you do not have to re-type the same information in different locations

CAIRO is readily modified to meet your exact requirements. We recognise that every authority has it's own way of working and CAIRO is designed to be quickly and simply modified to meet your exact needs.

If you don't see what you need in the current system we will build it for you and very low cost.

We also have a wide range of conversion tools and can incorporate your old legacy data into the new system as well.

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